Business Services

Established in 1983 due to growing demands for storage facilities in the commercial sector,  Metrofile is the filing solution authority in South Africa and has 20 operational facilities spread all over the major provinces of the country as well as facilities in Mozambique and Nigeria.

Metrofile operations include records management, image processing, data protection, information solutions, paper management, business solutions, secure document disposal and the collection and confidential destruction of paper.

MIC transaction overview

In 2004, the MIC initially acquired shares in the issued share capital of Metrofile.

In November 2006, Metrofile announced a rights offer where MIC purchased additional shares in Metrofile.

MIC continued to buy shares gradually on the market.

The MIC holds approximately 34.7% of the issued share capital of Metrofile.

The MIC is the single largest shareholder in Metrofile.

Our mission is to provide more than just funding  – as active equity partners we are not only providers of capital, but  also offer strategic, board-level guidance on corporate governance and transformation.