With more than 1.1 million connected vehicles, over 1,600 staff members and more than 23 years’ experience in the vehicle tracking and telematics industry, Tracker is the largest telematics company in Africa and the third largest in the world.

Most people see Tracker as a Stolen Vehicle Recovery (SVR) company, and while it is still at the core of their business, they have evolved significantly since their birth in 1996.  Through a culture of continuous innovation driven by one of the most experienced and dynamic teams, Tracker has built a reputation far beyond its SVR roots which has cemented its position as the leading provider of telematics solutions to an automotive ecosystem which includes OEMs, Dealers, Insurers, Fleet Operators and Consumers.


MIC transaction overview

In December 2001, MIC acquired an interest in the ordinary share capital of the company.

In October 2011, Actis, MIC, RMBV and management acquired the majority stake from Wesbank, Remgro and other sellers, allowing the MIC to increase its stake.

The MIC owns 30% of Tracker.

The DNI group is a niche investment company in the retail, telecommunications and distribution sectors with a specific focus on increasing their already substantial national stake-holding in those areas of commerce. The fundamental resources of DNI are in their highly competent team. DNI leverage their well-established market position, expertise, and professional knowledge of the cellular and technology industries, to offer solutions from strategic planning down to retail level.

MIC transaction overview     

MIC Investment Holdings acquired 25.1% of DNI’s shares in a transaction valued at approximately R760 million and was concluded on  1 April  2020 following the sale and buy back of NET1’s remaining 27.5% interest in DNI.

Our mission is to provide more than just funding  – as active equity partners we are not only providers of capital, but  also offer strategic, board-level guidance on corporate governance and transformation.